TrailGuard AI – RESOLVE and Intel Team Up to Use Advanced Artificial Intelligence to Stop Poachers

Following this initial success, RESOLVE partnered with Intel Corporation to create TrailGuard AI, the newest and most advanced version of the TrailGuard™ anti-poaching system, which is now powered by Intel technology and features advanced AI technology. TrailGuard AI uses Intel® Movidius® Vision Processing Units (VPUs) for image processing, and runs deep neural network algorithms to detect humans inside the camera. If humans are detected among any of the motion-activated images captured by the camera, it triggers electronic alerts to park personnel – via GSM, long range radio, or satellite – so they can mobilize rangers before poachers can do harm.

On January 3rd 2019, RESOLVE and Intel announced their collaboration and official launched TrailGuard AI. Watch the video below to learn more about the TrailGuard AI technology and how it will be used to protect endangered wildlife.

TrailGuard AI Media Coverage

Following the launch in January and a follow up demonstration at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, TrailGuard AI received significant media coverage and was featured in over 180 articles worldwide, across over 10 different languages. Several major US news outlets have covered TrailGuard AI in online articles; including CNN touted the technology as one the “Coolest Gadgets for 2019”, Smithsonian Magazine, and PBS NOVA who also produced the following video on TrailGuard AI.

Tech reporters were excited to learn about this new innovation for conservation, and TrailGuard was featured on several technology-focused websites including  Digital Trends LIVEGizmodoInverseVentureBeatEngadget, and The Verge. In addition to the media coverage in the United States, TrailGuard AI was also featured by international news outlets in Australia, China, India, France, Korea, Russia, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, and many others. TrailGuard AI also made waves on social media – a video produced by ATTN garnered over 550,000 views on Facebook and Leonardo DiCaprio’s Instagram post about the technology received over 186,000 likes.

Cover Image by Intel/RESOLVE

Eric Dinerstein and Sanjiv Fernando
April  17, 2019