Mahlette Betre
impact@RESOLVE Board Member

Mahlette is  a conservation and development professional based in Washington, DC. She currently leads environmental and social performance for a start-up enterprise, the Intrinsic Value Exchange, an online stock exchange designed to value, price and monetize natural assets.

Mahlette has held positions with RESOLVE, the World Bank and Conservation International, working in the areas of biodiversity protection, climate change mitigation & adaptation, and conflict resolution. She has led strategic partnerships with major corporations on a range of sustainability initiatives, with specialized knowledge of the extractive industries.


Stephen D’Esposito
President, RESOLVE
impact@RESOLVE Board Chair

Stephen D’Esposito is President of RESOLVE. RESOLVE is an independent organization with a forty-year track record of success. RESOLVE forges sustainable solutions to critical social, health, and environmental challenges by creating innovative partnerships where they are least likely and most needed. RESOVE works with community, business, government, and NGO leaders to get results and create lasting relationships through collaboration.

Stephen is a solutions strategist. Trained as an advocate to create leverage for good, he now helps diverse, unlikely partners envision, design, and implement projects on issues including climate and energy transition, food safety, sustainable agriculture, responsible mining, sustainable fisheries, safeguarding human rights and indigenous peoples, and biodiversity and habitat protection.


Sonny Lacey
impact@RESOLVE Chief Operating Officer

Sonny has a background in startups and technology, and has worked with private and non-governmental organizations both in the U.S. and abroad. He has provided operational direction for emerging enterprises that have developed secure, mission-critical applications. Sonny has created national logistic plans for governments in Africa and Central America. He served with the United States Army and is a licensed flight instructor.


Margaret Lee
Program Associate, RESOLVE

Margaret Lee joined RESOLVE as a Program Associate in April 2017. She supports collaboration and consensus building activities between different stakeholders and rights-holders in communities, industry, civil society, and governments. Her focus areas include responsible sourcing, supply chains, and natural resources management.

Prior to joining RESOLVE, Margaret was the Senior Program Coordinator at the National Oceanographic Partnership Program, an interagency collaboration focused on furthering ocean science and technology research efforts, where she facilitated meetings and provided meeting support to the National Oceanographic Partnership Program, Interagency Working Group on Facilities and Infrastructure, and the Ocean Research Advisory Panel, a Federal Advisory Committee.

Margaret holds a master’s degree in natural resources and environment from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and Environment, with a focus in conservation ecology. Her capstone project examined concepts, strategies, and lessons learned from community engagement in marine protected areas in the United States. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology from California State University, Los Angeles. She has been a teacher and performer at the Washington Improv Theater since April 2015.


Richard Schroeder
Director, RESOLVE’s Responsible Growth Program

Richard is the Director of RESOLVE’s Responsible Growth Program and leads RESOLVE’s work on the impact@RESOLVE platform. Richard has 25 years experience working in international development, with much of his work focused on the creation, operation, and funding of impact enterprises. Richard is now based in Baltimore but he worked and lived overseas for many years, including three-and-half years in Bangladesh and three years in Kosovo. Richard has founded and lead the development of several microfinance institutions and microfinance support organizations and he founded and served as the CEO of an innovative impact enterprise in Sierra Leone, called First Step Economic Opportunity Zone. Richard has been at RESOLVE since 2013 and in addition to his work with impact@RESOLVE he is also leading RESOLVE’s work with ReGrow West Africa, which is an initiative to promote the flow of impact investment to Sierra Leone.


Glenn Sigurdson
Board Chair, RESOLVE
impact@RESOLVE Board Secretary

Glenn has a proven track record mediating complex multi-party challenges involving resource, environment and land use issues, often involving indigenous rights and interests, from mining to oil & gas, fish to forests, energy and water. Internationally recognized, he was profiled by the Program Negotiation at Harvard Law School: Public Dispute Mediators: Profiles of 15 Distinguished Careers( 2000). A teacher, speaker, writer, “once“ lawyer, he is an adjunct professor at SFU Beedie School of Business, and Chair of the Board of Directors of RESOLVE Inc. Washington D.C., a global leader building solutions through creative partnerships. He is Honorary Consul General of Iceland in BC, and the author of a recent memoir, Vikings on a Prairie Ocean. (