WildTech was established with technical support and funding provided by impact@RESOLVE, Inc., which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the non-profit philanthropic organization, RESOLVE.

TrailGuardTM is a product of WildTech@RESOLVE. It is a cryptic anti-poaching camera system. It wakes up when movement is detected by an integrated Passive Infra-Red (PIR) sensor.

TrailGuard v1 units are currently in use at wildlife reserves in east Africa, where they have enabled the arrest of individuals and gangs of poachers, as well as the seizure of hundreds of kilograms of bushmeat.


Salmon Gold

Placer tailing from gold mining can impact salmon habitat in Alaska and the Yukon Territory. The Salmon Gold project brings together communities, miners, conservationists, and government agencies to pilot test the use of market and other incentives to support the voluntary re-mining and restoration of salmon habitat.

As Salmon Gold enters the market it meets the needs of downstream companies seeking responsibly sourced minerals and tells a positive story about natural resource development in Alaska and the Yukon; attracting miners, retailers, donors, and impact investors to support more habitat restoration.

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