[A platform to design, launch and scale impact enterprises]

Impact enterprises are for-profit businesses that are created and managed with the explicit intention of helping to solving social or environmental problems. The revenues and profits that impact enterprises generate enable them to sustain their work in the long-term and to mobilize a diverse range of finance – including impact investment, blended finance, program related investments (PRIs), impact bonds, and even commercial investment.


Non profit organizations, foundations and CSR initiatives of leading corporations broadly recognize the benefits of impact enterprises in advancing their philanthropic objectives but they face challenges in identifying the specific components of their work that would be best undertaken by impact enterprises. When they are able to make that identification they also have difficulty transforming the relevant parts of their work into impact enterprises that are both financially sustainable and still firmly committed to upholding the philanthropic objectives of their parent organization(s).

02 impact@RESOLVE, LLC

impact@RESOLVE is an impact enterprise itself, set up as a platform to assist clients in planning, organizing, financing, holding, operating, and governing their impact enterprises. impact@RESOLVE is wholly owned by RESOLVE, a non-profit 501(c)3 philanthropic organization.


Impact enterprises are not a panacea but in some contexts they can be vital components of robust and sustainable solutions to complex social and environmental challenges, complimenting and supporting efforts of non-profit organizations, foundations, the private sector, government agencies, and broader social movements.



impact@RESOLVE provides the following services to RESOLVE and RESOLVE’s mission-related partners:

04-1 Impact enterprise ideation workshops

  • Identifying when the creation of an impact enterprise is the right strategic option.
  • Exploring a diverse range of funding resources to capitalize impact enterprises – including impact investment, blended finance, PRIs, impact bonds, and commercial investment.
  • Considering how legacy work and existing donor support may create equity for non-profit organizations within newly created impact enterprises.
  • Incentivizing technical innovation for the achievement of philanthropic objectives.
  • Identifying means by which non-profits may structure impact enterprises in direct partnership with individual entrepreneurs, private sector companies, and other organizations such that the non-profits may share equity ownership and governance roles while still protecting their tax-exempt status.

04-2 Advisory support for business plan development and legal structure creation.

04-3 Advisory support for dynamic goal setting to enable and monitor the achievement of the philanthropic and sustainability objectives for impact enterprises.

04-4 Direct administrative, management and governance support for newly created impact enterprises.

04-5 Provision of a legal “home” for the impact enterprises of non-profit organizations, foundations and companies.